Call for Papers and Posters

PNC 2014 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings

Date: October 21-23 (Tuesday-Thursday)

Venue: National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Main Theme: Museum Computing: An Approach to Bridging Cultures, Communities and Science

PNC Website:


Important Dates

June 27: Online Submission Deadline

July 25: Acceptance Notification


Submission Categories

}   Paper Submission

}   Poster Submission

Scholars, students, website managers are welcome to participate

§   General Poster Competition

§   Demonstration Zone


Topics Include but are not Limited to

1. Museum Computing & Museum Informatics:

1.1 Digitization of Museums' Collection

1.2 Information Systems in Museums

1.3 Information Needs and Behavior of Museum Staff

1.4 Online Exhibitions, Multimedia Interactive Exhibitions

1.5 Digital Art, New Media Art

1.6 Digital Curation

1.7 Digital Museums

1.8 Digital Libraries

1.9 Digital Archives

1.10 Mobile Service & Mobile Learning in Museums

1.11 Movies, Films, Image Processing, Kiosk in Museums

1.12 Information Technology’s Impact on Museum Organization

1.13 Cloud Computing, Online Information Services, AR, Wearable Device in Museum


2. Humanities Computing and Digital Humanities:

2.1 Archaeology

2.2 History

2.3 Philosophy

2.4 Linguistics

2.5 Area Studies

2.6 Disaster Management

2.7 Cultural Heritage

2.8 Literature


3. Aspects of Information Processing

3.1 Knowledge Representation and Processing

3.2 Sensibility/Sensitivity

3.3 Spatiotemporal Information Processing

3.4 Geographic Information System (GIS)

3.4.1 VGI (Volunteered Geographic Information)

3.4.2 Cultural Heritage

3.5 Remote Sensing

3.6 Data Mining and Big Data

3.7 Visualization

3.8 Information Retrieval


4. Open Data and Linked Data

4.1 Semantic Web

4.2 Ontology

4.3 Metadata

4.4 Visualization

4.5 Web Technology

4.6 Record Preservation

4.7 Database


5. Crosscutting Concerns

5.1 Intellectual Property and Copyright

5.2 Security

5.3 Privacy

5.4 Ethics

5.5 Biodiversity

5.6 Conservation Science

5.7 Sustainability

5.8 Climate Change


6. Interconnected Society

6.1 E-learning

6.2 Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

6.3 Social Media

6.4 Social Network

6.5 Digital Divide

6.6 Digital Communication and Social Impact



National Palace Museum

Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC)



Academia Sinica

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI)

Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of China (Taiwan)


About Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC)
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